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I work tirelessly to ensure that you have the information you need so we can sell you house for top dollar in the shortest time possible.  I understand the market and can guide you through the process.


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Let me prepare a CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) of homes in your area that are for Sale, in Pending or Sold, to give you an idea of what the home sale market is doing in your neighborhood. You may see exactly where you need to price your home to be the one that Sells and not just another one For Sale. I will help you compare your home to those that are your competitors and give you valuable information regarding staging, pricing and marketing your property.

Once your home is listed, it will be photographed and advertised in the Multiple Listing Service for all other agents to see while searching for the perfect home for their clients. Your home will also be advertised on many other websites like and it will be colorfully marketed to other agents, neighbors and friends. You have the option to have an Open House held.

I will work hard to expose your home to many potential buyers. As your negotiator and advisor I will be there every step of the way. I have been known to load up my lawn mower for out of town clients, scrub floors, arrange repairs, clean pools and haul trash to the dump.

1. Developing A Pricing Strategy: Pricing your home to sell

There are many factors that determine the value of your home in the current market. The home itself is only a part of the puzzle. I will take you through each factor to help clarify the process we use to establish your home’s value.

Where your home is located may be the single most important factor when determining the value of your home.
The condition of your home affects the price and how quickly it will sell. The appearance both inside and out can bolster the buyer’s perception. Since emotion plays a large part in buying a home the buyer’s first look is important!
Establishing the correct price for a home will help insure a quick sale for your home. This comparative market analysis will enable you to decide the optimum price for your home.
Buyers will evaluate your home against others they deem comparable. Properties currently for sale and properties that have recently sold will have the greatest impact on the market value of your home.
The Market
The real estate market is always changing and these changes may affect property values. Knowing that it is difficult to forecast the market, a flexible marketing plan will help prepare you and your home for sale.

2. Prepare a CMA; Comparative Market Analysis
3. Prepare Your Home For Sale: First impressions are lasting
4. Showing Your Home Off: Open Houses & Real Estate Tours
5. Receiving Offers On Your Home: Understanding the process
6. The Inspection Process and Repairs
7. Preparing to Close on Your New Home
8. Closing on Your Home

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