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I work tirelessly to ensure that you have the information you need so we can sell you house for top dollar in the shortest time possible.  I understand the market and can guide you through the process.


Searching for a new home?

Not like some of the shows on television, I do not give you a choice of three or four homes from which you are to choose. I will begin by asking you a few thoughtful questions that will help me get to know what is important to you and exactly what your needs and dreams are for a home.

Next, if you have access to email, I will build you your own Web page for your search of homes. This Client Portal will give you every listing, no matter what company lists the home, with your specified criteria. Let me know what area(s) of town in which you are interested in buying, what price range you would like for to search, how many bedrooms, bathrooms and the number of garage spaces. You may even request specific items such as: only one story, no dirt roads, refrigerated air and many more amenities that are your desire for a home. The Client Portal will not only give you every home listed with your criteria, but will update as soon as any agent loads a new listing with a personal email to you notifying you that another home has just been listed with your specifications. The Portal will also alert you to changes (price changes, Pending or Sold) in any of your received listings. In this custom built Webpage, there is the option to Save or Reject Listings, map the listing, view additional photos and retrieve additional property information.

From there I will prepare a tour of your Saved Homes in order of location and meet with you to “shop” at your convenience. If you are ready to buy, we will not give up until we find that perfect home. Even if it takes a hundred homes I bet we can find yours!

Steps to purchasing a home

Pre-qualifying for a Mortgage Loan
When you are ready to begin shopping for a home to buy, it is best to start by determining how much you can afford by meeting with a Mortgage Consultant. You often qualify for more than you are comfortable spending on a monthly mortgage payment.

But how do you begin?
I work with a trusted network of mortgage professionals who can assist you in getting pre-approved for a loan so that you can comfortably begin looking at homes with the assurance that you can obtain the proper financing. Generally, our mortgage contacts can help you with a pre-approval by getting some basic information over the phone or internet. If you choose to purchase a new home, many builders have mortgage companies that will offer large incentives to use them. As full-time Realtors, we prefer that our clients begin the loan process before we begin looking actively at homes, in order to best spend your time. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me anytime at

Areas of Town
One of the decisions regarding your home purchase is determining area of town will work best for your needs. This decision is usually driven by a number of factors, including: Price Range As in other cities, certain areas of Albuquerque and the surrounding area are more or less expensive than others, so your decision may hinge on the price point for your purchase.

Commute Time
If you will be dealing with a commute in near Albuquerque, it may be important to find something with a reasonable travel time to the office. Since Albuquerque has experienced a lot of growth over the past 10-15 years, the roads and traffic have also grown.

Convenience to Amenities
Some of our clients prefer to be very close to shopping, restaurants, and other amenities within the community.

Convenience to Specific People
You may be moving to Albuquerque to be closer to a relative or a close friend. In this case, the location of your home may be somewhat driven by the location of these people.

Writing an Offer on the Home
When we have found the right home with you, we will sit down and go over the paperwork necessary to present an offer on your behalf. This will include a form which is promulgated by the New Mexico Real Estate Commission, along with any necessary addenda. We are all well-versed in these forms so it doesn’t take very long to prepare an offer.

If you are purchasing a new home, the builder will generally have proprietary forms which we will go over together at their model or on-site trailer. Since we have worked with a good number of local home builders, we can sometimes help as questions arise during the contract phase. Even if you do not decide to use our team to purchase your home, we highly recommend using a Realtor on a new home purchase, so that you have someone “looking out” for you.

Things that you normally need around the time that the contract is written include a check for the earnest money (we use a guideline of approximately 1% of the sales price). After the offer is written for your home, we will contact the listing agent to get the offer to them, either in person or via fax. After this occurs, we begin negotiating to get the best deal possible for you.

Negotiating the Price
I always work diligently to get my clients the best possible price and terms for a home purchase. I are very experienced at writing offers and I will usually present your offer with a cover letter which explains the finer points and should strengthen your negotiating position.

Since I actively work full-time in the Albuquerque real estate market, I are familiar with the inventory and pricing trends and I can help you to make an informed decision on how much a particular home or property is worth in the current market.

Once the offer is submitted, we wait to hear if it has been accepted. If it is not accepted, the seller may present a “counteroffer”, which changes the price of our offer or some of the terms, or both. Then I will sit down with you to decide how to proceed.

The Inspection Process and Repairs
After you have secured the home of your choice, it will be time to schedule a home inspection. This involves having a licensed inspector come to the home and make a detailed report which shows any items which are in need of service or repair. Most inspectors can include a termite inspection along with the general home inspection.

If you decide that there are additional specific issues of concern, there are specialists available for septic inspections, roof inspections, structural inspections, duct scope and other areas.

Once we have the inspection report in hand for your home, we can determine which items we would like to request to have repaired by the seller before closing. In the case of a new home builder, they will almost always correct everything on the inspector’s list. We recommend that our clients get a third-party inspection for any home, whether it is new or resale.

Keep in mind that many home sellers will not be willing to make a house “perfect” for the buyer, especially if they have already negotiated on the price.

Preparing to Close on Your New Home
After we have negotiated the price and terms of your home, including any repair items, it’s time to start preparing to close. Most closings in New Mexico occur at a title company that we have mutually chosen with the seller.

Final Details: Some of the main things which must be done to ensure a smooth closing include:

  • choosing a homeowner’s insurance carrier
  • finalizing all the details of your financing
  • scheduling for all of the utilities to be turned on at the new home
  • arranging for a moving truck
  • working with the builder to pick a good final date to close (if it’s a new home)

Of course, I will be happy to assist you every step of the way. I always strive to go “one step beyond” and provide the highest caliber of service to our home buyers.

Closing on Your Home
On the day of closing, you will spend about an hour (perhaps a little more) signing paperwork which will convey the property to you. The bulk of the papers will deal with financing and the various disclosures required by your lender. The remainders are the deed and various affidavits.

Most times, the seller or builder for your home will require that the loan has “funded”, which means that the money actually moves from your lender’s bank to the title company. This usually occurs a day or two later, so we usually advise our clients not to plan their “move-in” for their new homes until at least the day after closing. Otherwise, it can create some awkward situations.

After you have closed and the loan is funded, it’s time to begin moving in to your new house!
One of the main reasons that I am a Realtor is that I truly enjoy the feeling of helping others find the right home. To get started you may call me anytime at (505) 235-7001. I work seven days a week at your convenience.

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